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17th November 2005

Britain Britain Britain
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Broadband connection went out earlier this evening. I wanted to go online but… computer says “No”.

Which leads nicely into the first episode of the new, BBC One-friendly, series of Little Britain, which I thought was quite funny. The vomiting old ladies have gone (hurray!), only to be replaced with incontinent old lady (boo!), which looks like it will be a similar one-unfunny-joke-repeated-many-times character. Vicky Pollard is getting very tired now too. And they got rid of my favourite character: Dennis Waterman!

But on the other hand: Anne on Stars in Their Eyes, Andy parachuting into his wheelchair, Anthony Head dusting the office wearing a leather thong and the always enjoyable Fat Fighters sketch (sadly without a punchline tonight).

Anyway, Children in Need night tomorrow: I’ll be watching! (lie)

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