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7th February 2011

A room with a view
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Loft conversions are not something to be undertaken lightly. We’ve just had one done, and a lot of upheaval was involved. I missed most of it myself because I was flat-sitting for my friend Andrew while the worst of the work went on, but my unfortunate family had to live in a house with no roof for six weeks.

Still, it was worth it, and I now have a new “pad” (as the cool kids like to say) to be proud of. Alert MTV Cribs to send a camera crew!

New Bedroom 1 New Bedroom 2

It would be nice to have a home that isn’t attached to my parents’ house, but I’m working on that. At least I have a proper space for my important world-domination work to be carried out. There’s even enough room for a basic videoblogging set up, but that’s a project for another day…

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