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8th April 2011

National Express
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Woman wearing a doughnut hatThe three day Grand National meeting is in full swing at Aintree. Fake tan has been flying off the shelves of shops across Merseyside over the past few days as women across the region prepared for Ladies’ Day.

On the first day of the meeting two women were arrested for streaking. Today, however, the main crime is against fashion, with some truly unconventional outfits on display.

The Daily Mail — of course — revelled in the chav-tastic dresses, and engaged in some good old-fashioned sneering. It’s to be expected from them: they like to have a pop at Liverpool whenever they can. It’s unpleasant, but not really worth rising to the bait.

Of course, the Liverpool Echo felt the need to rally to the defence of Scouse women, and printed a stirring endorsement of Ladies’ Day in today’s edition.

I can’t help but think, however, that they could have picked a better title for the article:

Ignore the Ladies' Day knockers!

It was kind of difficult to ignore the knockers: some of them were dangerously close to falling out of the dresses.

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