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11th December 2005

To Do List
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My horoscope (I don’t believe in them, honest) on Yahoo says I should stop pondering “what if” and instead embrace what I have. So, here goes:-

I’ve more-or-less finished my Christmas shopping. The Hornby Christmas Special set was still in the model shop, taunting me with its cuteness. Hmm… you know, it is only £49.99, and what else would I do with that money? Give it to charity? Yeah, right.

Snopes has found the most audacious Christmas light display ever. I’d do something like this (I like annoying the neighbours), but I don’t have that much time on my hands. Well, actually I do have that much time on my hands, but I channel it towards negative thoughts.

I’m thinking of trying the whole spoof newspaper thing again. OK, the last time it didn’t work out too well, but this time will be absolutely, completely different — for one thing, I have an almost clever pun for the site’s title. It’ll be really good and… oh, I can’t be bothered. It’s something to think about for the future, maybe (I need to justify the £6.09 I spent registering the domain somehow).

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