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1st May 2011

Nintend… oh

Apparently, Nintendo 3DS sales are below expectations and the gaming giant’s marketing people are planning a new campaign for those of us who don’t “get” it.

My nephew got a 3DS at launch, and I managed to wrest it out of his hands for ten minutes to have a go. Well, I say ten minutes – the first 6 or 7 minutes were spent adjusting the 3D to a point where I could see the screen properly without going cross-eyed. A few minutes of Pilotwings Resort was all I could manage, because I felt thoroughly sick from the 3D effect. Maybe it’s just me.

It’s academic anyway, because at this moment in time I don’t have the money to spare for a 3DS. So I’ve decided to simulate the effect by playing my DSlite while wearing glasses that were prescribed for somebody else. I will then hit myself repeatedly over the head to ensure I get a terrible migraine.

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