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17th December 2005

Wrapping things up (do you see?)
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I’ve just finished wrapping my Christmas gifts, and somehow — I’m not sure how or why — I’ve ended up with two extra gifts that are unallocated to friends or family. I can’t even remember buying them. Oh well.

Tony Christie has released a cover of Merry Xmas Everybody and he appeared on Top of the Pops Reloaded this morning to perform it. I was watching it in the gym with the sound on mute (the best way to watch anything featuring Fearne Cotton) so I have no idea what its like — I think lip-readers would find it quite entertaining.

BBC Two have shunted Family Guy and American Dad to a graveyard slot. I can’t say I’m particularly shocked, although I am surprised it happened this quickly — I’m sure even Seinfeld lasted longer than this.

I’m venturing into town tomorrow, despite the possibility of a near-riot situation on Merseyrail. There’s only 8 days until Christmas, but I still don’t feel particularly festive. Maybe buying a small gift for myself will change that…

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