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1st January 2006

Rob’s new year’s resolutions for 2006
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I decided to post them somewhere public so I can come back in a year’s time and feel ashamed/proud (delete as applicable) to have stuck to them. So… in no particular order:-

  • I will spend less time on the computer.
  • The time I do spend on the computer will be spent on productive activities and not repeatedly refreshing Homestar Runner to see if the latest Strong Bad E-mail is online.
  • All those under construction pages on this site will be… er, constructed.
  • The blog will be less boring.
  • I will stop playing the pronoun game.
  • I will stop being so timid about speaking up and expressing my opinions.
  • I will read more (I used to love books. Why did I stop reading books?)
  • I will find a job in a workplace that doesn’t drain my soul from my body.
  • All those really super ideas I have for comedy sketches and stuff, I will actually write down and do something with.

Happy new year, everybody. 🙂

All together now… # Should old acquaintance be forgot and never la la laaa / La laaa la la la laaa la la da da daaa da Auld Lang Syne #

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