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3rd January 2006

You know what this blog needs?
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Categories! Lots and lots of categories! Each containing a cornucopia of subcategories within!

If I had categories, people who weren’t interested could skip right over my obsessive model railway posts. However, until then…

Hornby (God bless ’em) bought the assets of the bankrupt Lima company back in 2004. Now their purchase is bearing fruit for the UK modeller, as a veritable smorgasbord of ex-Lima products are included in their 2006 lineup. Including my all time favourite DMU (although not in Regional Railways colours, which is what I want). The Lima class 121 and 156 are also being updated and released under the Hornby name.

With all that and a completely new Pendolino model on the way, it looks like a large chunk of my hard-earned cash is going to be heading Hatton’s way again this year. 🙂

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