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5th January 2006

Round up and such
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Here are some links that I was browsing at work while I should have been… you know, working:-

The BBC publish the entries from a competition to show why punctuation is a Good Thing.

Dilbert has taken a rather odd turn this week, with a bizarre storyline featuring the strip’s artist, Scott Adams, getting trapped in a strange Wizard of Oz parody. Stuck in his own strip, he is seeking help from Wally, whose head is shaped like a giant coffee mug (here’s the first strip in the series).

Here’s the best news ever: Futurama may be returning, after the DVD and repeats on Cartoon Network became surprise hits. It’s all very tentative at the moment, but with Family Guy‘s uncancellation in 2004, it looks promising.

Brokeback Mountain, a sensitively-handled tale of romance and forbidden love between two men in the American west (or “the gay cowboy film” if you’re lazy), is opening tomorrow. I really want to see this one.

Oh, and British politics is becoming like the West Wing, only interesting. So nothing like the West Wing, in fact.

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