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17th January 2006

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“Viewers may be pleased to know that Clive Pounds, who died during the making of that programme, has since come back to life.”

My Look Around You Series 2 DVD arrived yesterday, and all other activities ceased while I watched it. I ended up watching all 6 episodes plus all the extras in one go, which I don’t normally do except in cases of extreme brilliance such as this. A lot of people slagged off series 2 when it was shown, and I cannot comprehend why, especially when it was packed full of lines like the one above.

Unfortunately the aforementioned LAY marathon meant that I missed the second episode of The Time-Travelling Policeman (I think that’s what it was called). If I tune in next week I’ll probably be confused and have no idea what’s going on, which means I’m in exactly the same position as those who watched it tonight.

Tomorrow is, of course, D-Day, where the D stands for Desperate, and the H which I didn’t write stands for Housewives. There’ll doubtless be loads of high drama and generous portions of sex and intrigue to go around, but what I really want is more scenes like the one in series 1 where Bree announced to her assembled dinner party guests: “Rex cries when he ejaculates.”

I also have about 12 episodes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien on tape which I haven’t watched. I should probably get around to doing that at some point.

Meanwhile, in Neighbours, it’s literally all going off, with a bomb on a plane, a reformed Bogan facing jail, and a character suffering from a terminal illness serious enough to merit a BBC Helpline announcement at the end of the show. I’m now utterly addicted to this show, which is no small feat considering that 3 nights out of 5 I’m watching it on a TV at the gym with the sound on mute and Ceefax subtitles (if the staff have remembered to turn them on).

You’ll note that I used the Australian slang term Bogan above. Yes, Neighbours is increasing my word power and international cross-cultural understanding. Although, having found out what Bogan actually means, I think that a certain well-known Liverpool-based carpet company should consider changing its name.

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