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18th June 2011

Chrome is where the heart is

In September 2010, the first It Gets Better video was created as a response to a spate of suicides by bullied gay teens. Author and columnist Dan Savage, frustrated that many US schools refused to provide any form of support or protection, created the video to address gay youth directly and give them an important message: “You are not alone”.

Nine months later, 20,000 people have followed his lead and made their own It Gets Better videos on YouTube. Google used the campaign as the basis for an ad campaign in America, a demonstration of how ordinary people can use the web to change the world.

Now, a UK version of that advert has been created and is airing in various slots on British TV. A cynical person might say that this is Google jumping on the bandwagon to get some good publicity for their Chrome browser, but the overall effect is still lovely:

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