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25th July 2011

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I feel a pang of guilt about Amy Winehouse. I remember watching her incoherent appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks a few years ago and laughing quite a lot at it.

In retrospect, we should have laughed less and left her alone to get well. But lots of us were complicit in the feeding frenzy. Her every move was chronicled by a tabloid press who seemed to almost revel in her downfall. With those pressures, can anyone really be surprised at what happened?

Addiction is not understood by many people (including myself – apparently finding Chocolate Hob Nobs quite moreish doesn’t count). But here’s some wise words from Craig Ferguson – this was recorded in February 2007 when everyone on American TV was having fun talking about Britney Spears’ “erratic” behaviour. In this clip Ferguson talks about his own alcoholism, the perspective his experiences have given him, and why he will not join in with the jokes.

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