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7th August 2011

Liverpool Pride in Tweets

Liverpool Pride 2011 logoYesterday was Liverpool Pride 2011 which I attended with my friends Scott, Andrew and Jamie. It was an amazing day and a fun time was had by all. It was great that the event was able ahead despite budget shortfalls and an enforced change of location.

I was going to do a full write up of the day, but my heat-of-the-moment Tweets from yesterday seem to capture the atmosphere quite well, so they are reproduced below for posterity.

10.33am: Why is there no “Straight Pride”?

11.01am: Sufficiently disorganised that I managed to leave the house without my phone. Quick dash back and I’ve missed the train I wanted to get.

11.33am: Crowds are gathering! #liverpoolpride

Photo of people assembling outside St George's Hall

12.05pm: And we’re under way! #liverpoolpride

Liverpool Pride marchers get under way

12.14pm: #liverpoolpride

Photo of Liverpool Pride marchers

12.22pm: Now mingling with bemused bus passengers in Queen Square. #liverpoolpride

Photo of Liverpool Pride marchers in Queen Square Bus Station

12.38pm: Heading up Lord Street. #liverpoolpride

Photo of Liverpool Pride marchers in Lord Street

12.50pm: #liverpoolpride

Photo of Liverpool Pride marchers in Lord Street

12.52pm: Christian hate mob successfully drowned out by cheers from marchers and onlookers #liverpoolpride

Photo of anti-gay protesters in Derby Square

1.03pm: And we’ve arrived at the Pier Head! #liverpoolpride

Photo of Liverpool Pride marchers arriving at the Pier Head

1.19pm: Good advice.

Liverpool Primary Care trust van with the slogan: "If you've had blood in your poo or looser poo for 3 weeks, your doctor wants to know."

2.55pm: Now guzzling beer outside The Poste House. #liverpoolpride

4.26pm: What is it about Pride and stilts?

Photo of shirtless man on stilts

5.21pm: RT @thisisrjg: This is @hampo draped in our flag. At his own choice.

Instagram photo of Robert wrapped in the Pride flag

5.35pm: Back at the Pier Head with copious amounts of alcohol. #liverpoolpride

Photo of pints of beer and shots-in-a-tube

7.19pm: In The Arch Chinese restaurant. I was awkward and ordered Siu Mai which took longer to cook than the other appetisers.

10.21pm: The Lisbon on #liverpoolpride night is not a place for claustrophobics.

11.05pm: Now the DJ is playing “It’s Raining Men” – how predictable. #liverpoolpride

11.20pm Big crowd in The Lisbon tonight 🙂 #liverpoolpride

Photo of large crowd in The Lisbon

11.45pm: @andrewrtw is trying to chat on Grindr but is being stymied by lack of signal, bless him.

12.07am: Well, it’s after midnight – think I’m officially a pumpkin

Photo of Robert and Andrew in the Lisbon

1.36am: Home at last. I’ve had a great day – and nothing got stolen, which is a big improvement on my last night out.

1.37am: Also great to feel like I belong in a community. Yay for the gays! #liverpoolpride

1.42am: …and of course thanks to @merseytart, @andrewrtw and @thisisrjg for providing conversation and buying rounds. #liverpoolpride

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