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25th February 2006

Lie on Hife
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On Monday I waxed lyrical about how happy I’ve been feeling. Well, the euphoria waned slightly by Friday, but even so, this week has been really good all round.

Every night I’ve been pouring my energy into writing, something I haven’t done much of recently, despite everyone telling me I should. I had a script sitting on my computer that wasn’t anywhere near finished and I haven’t touched for months. I had about 20 pages completed, but could never find the energy or inclination to do any more. By the end of Monday night, I had about 45 pages. And they were actually good. The rest of the week didn’t quite reach those dizzy heights of creativity, but I’ve still more or less finished a first draft.

I love writing. I should have been a writer. I should have done English for A-Level, instead of letting other people push me into the sciences. I can be a writer. I think know I can be.

In other news, I ordered the timber for my model railway baseboard and it’s being delivered on Monday! In the few days I will finally be able to begin construction, after waiting over 2 years.

It may well be the early stages of bird flu, but I am unusually cheerful. Yes, life is sweet right now.

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