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8th May 2012

Why it’s important
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Stop what you’re doing and take ten minutes to watch this video (embedded below). It’s the story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, a couple who were torn apart by Tom’s sudden death, and of Shane’s bereavement, which has been compounded by ugly prejudice and an unforgiving legal system.

It’s a story from the US, where gay rights can be patchy, depending on which state you’re in. As Shane says: in the eyes of the law, he and Tom were no more than roommates. In many countries the situation is much worse – in many parts of the world there are no legal protections for gay people at all.

In Britain it’s important to remember how fortunate we are to have a full raft of gay rights legislation, especially civil partnerships, which confer most (but not all) of the protections and rights of marriage. We should not settle for second best, however, and as certain factions wage a bitter war against full marriage rights, stories like the one above should be foremost in our minds.

Marriage is a right and a privilege – it must be opened up to all couples, regardless of gender. And even when that battle has been won, there is still a mammoth task of stamping out ugly prejudice like that described in the video above.

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One Response
  1. Comment by Steve
    6th June 2012 at 4:24 pm

    Just watched the video by Shane about the tragic loss of his bf Tom. It is so sad. I had tears in my eyes while watching. Tom’s parents are unbelievable. How could a parent treat their child in the manner they treated him? They don’t deserve the title of ‘parents’,they barely even deserve to be called human beings. Their attitude toward their son could hardly be called humane.
    I am a parent, and would never dream of behaving towards my kids in the way that the Bridegrooms did with Tom. They are despicable.
    My heart goes out to Shane for his tragically sad loss. And I wish him well in his life in the future.

    It is now time for marriage equality. I would urge anybody reading this to go to the government’s ‘Equal Civil Marriage Consultation’ questionnaire and fill it in quickly, before 14/06/12 Copy and paste the link below.

    If you’re going to fill it in do it quickly. There needs to be more positive responses.