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19th July 2012

Doom and Gloom
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The weather recently has been… odd, hasn’t it? Rain during the British summer isn’t unusual, but all the time? Everywhere? With virtually no let up for months on end? Causing floods nationwide? That’s a bit odd.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, much of America has been sweltering in a heatwave, which has killed dozens and caused wildfires and severe droughts.

All this points to something being not quite right with our planet’s climate. To my mother’s eternal disappointment, I am not a scientist, but it seems to me that pumping billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is probably not a good idea, and it seems to be having a detrimental effect. Unless you’re the Bishop of Carlisle, in which case the floods are God’s punishment for “immorality”.

Coincidentally I stumbled across this article on the Rolling Stone web site, which interested and terrified me in equal measure: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math. To summarise that article: the powers-that-be need to take drastic action now.

But on the other hand, the Daily Mail says that our gas bills will be more expensive if we take steps to be more green! We can’t have that, so let’s carry on as we are. There’s nothing to worry about, especially not gas bills – because soon all our gas appliances will be underwater.

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