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31st May 2006

Adventures in Public Transport, part XXIII
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There’s a sign at my local station which says, “Do not trespass on the railway”. Well, I saw this morning that somebody has been at it with a marker pen. You’ll never guess what they did.

Before I tell you, please make sure you are seated comfortably and that you are not holding a container of tea, coffee, Ovaltine or other hazardous beverage, which could prove lethal if spilled during a spontaneous outpouring of mirth.

OK… ready? Good.

They crossed out the “not” so the sign now says “Do trespass on the railway”!!!!!!!!!! It’s like the sign is telling you that you HAVE to do it!!!!!!!

Oh, my sides ached, but that was mainly because my train was short-formed and I had to stand up for the whole journey.

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