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7th August 2003

This is not a Circular
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Did the Cambrian Rail Cruise yesterday. Great fun, if you like spending 11 hours on trains. And I do.

Perhaps a mistake to do "tourist-y" lines in the middle of the school holidays though. Far too many screaming kids with harrassed parents: "Darren, sit down! Don’t bang the table! No, there’s no snack trolley! The man’s coming! He’ll throw you off!" — tip for parents: this NEVER works, because after the first time you say it, the kid sees that there is no "man" and realises that it’s an empty threat.

Then there was that rude woman at Shrewsbury who impatiently said, “are you coming through or not?” when I was standing aside to let her past — bitch.

Who was it who said the biggest problem with public transport was the public?

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