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12th August 2003

Talking to Myself
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Nobody is looking at this site (usual suspects aside). I could get a bigger audience by printing out this page and taping it to my front door.

Back when I did that other site, I craved a mass audience. I even had one of those lame FastCounters and would check it every single day. But the sad fact was, I had about 6 regular viewers (just like BBC Three).

I spent long hours pondering FABland’s lack of popularity. Oh, other people offered reasons. And I realise now they were mostly right: I was offering poor content, a load of garbage recycled from elsewhere and only one feature that was half-good. Again, just like BBC Three.

These days, I’m not bothered. I guess I don’t have the "hey! look at me!" me complex any more. Well, to be precise, I don’t have the "hey! look at my web site!" complex any more. I’d still really like everyone to look at me.

So go on, start looking.

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