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29th September 2006

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Went into Moorfields station today to buy my Rover ticket for next week. During the course of the transaction the station staff and I discovered that, although the ticket is described as “Freedom of the North West Rover” on the National Rail web site and in the National Fares Manual, it’s on Merseyrail’s ticket system simply as “North West 7 Day Rover” and indeed that’s what was printed on the ticket when the machine spat it out. However, the 4-in-8 day version is on their system as a “Freedom” ticket. So much for consistency, but as no-one but me could possibly care about such things, I’ll stop talking about it now.

Picture of North West 7 Day Rover

Cheers to the staff at Moorfields who probably don’t deal with arcane tickets like this every day and were very helpful and patient with me, as they always are (this is not the first time I’ve asked for an odd ticket combination from them).

I’ve spent the last week or so playing with the National Rail Journey Planner, persuading it to come up with unusual routes which no normal person would never even consider. My inner anorak has risen to the surface and I am hugely looking forward to next week. Expect to see an anal, minute-by-minute, dissection of my experiences on this site in due course.

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