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18th August 2003

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Well, what a complete waste of time that weekend was. I went to the gym on Friday to find that it was closed due to "unforeseen problems". I am a creature of routine, and the only person allowed to vary that routine is me — I hate it when external circumstances change my plans for me.

Then Saturday and Sunday I was just sick as a dog. It started on Saturday afternoon with headaches and general nausea. By Saturday night I was lying in bed feeling totally awful. And of course, I was all well and good by the time Monday morning (and work) came around! And now I’m home from work, I feel lousy again.

There’s only one rational conclusion: bacteria and fitness centres have it in for me. It’s a conspiracy!

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  1. Comment by Seb
    19th August 2003 at 12:08 am

    Are you yet able to define “Shortly”? As in, “The Me and Links sections will be along shortly”?

    Just curious. All your regular visitors (um, me and Rob Baldwin) are, I’m sure, craving to see these much-mooted sections.

    I mean, how long does a links page take to make?