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11th May 2013

Razing the roof
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Aigburth station canopy partly removedRemember a month or so ago, when Network Rail started work on Aigburth station? The works were either a much-needed refurbishment or – if you’re the people behind the Save Aigburth Station campaign – an act of shameless corporate vandalism on the most beautiful station in the world. Here’s my blog on the subject, should you wish to refresh your memory.

Anyway, EXCITING new developments have occurred. Network Rail has sent another letter to local residents, advising that it has bowed to local pressure and gone back to the drawing board.

I’m sure Network Rail’s change of mind is entirely due to grassroots community activism and is nothing to do with the fact that our local MP, Louise Ellman, is also chair of the Transport Select Committee.

The letter is reproduced in full below:

In summary, a revised design has been created which does away with the “bus shelter” and instead creates an extended canopy while retaining the original features. Check out the comparison images below, which appear to have been done using Microsoft Train Simulator and seem to bear little resemblance to what the station actually looks like, but that’s by the by.

Aigburth station proposals

So it’s a happy ending, right? Well, almost. The letter has a sting in the tail:

In order to build the extended section of the revised design we will require prior approval from Liverpool City Council. We will submit designs and a prior approval application before April 2014 which is when funding becomes available to build the extended section of the canopy.

April 2014?! Well, I hope the SAS people are happy. They got what they wanted – or rather, they will get it in 11 months or so.

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