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9th November 2006

God bless the bottomless trough of human stupidity
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From today’s Metro (video linked from that page):-

A dangerous prank quite literally backfired and landed a 22-year-old squaddie in hospital with a scorched colon – after he stuck a firework up his bottom.

The soldier inserted a rocket in a place definitely not recommended by the Fireworks Code and, as onlookers cheered, lit the blue touchpaper.

You’ll never guess where this man got the idea to do something so incredibly idiotic:-

Onlookers said the man was mimicking a scene from Jackass where the character Steve-O shoots a firework from his rear.

…actually, you probably could have guessed that.

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  1. Comment by James R
    9th November 2006 at 6:13 pm

    Apparently, that happened in the ‘Monkwearmouthon’ area of Sunderland. Now, talk about a mouthful!