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22nd December 2006

Good Thing, Bad Thing
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Good thing: Work has finished for the Christmas holiday!

Bad thing: I left the bag containing my gym clothes on the train this morning. I didn’t even realise it was missing until well after 1pm. I’ve left a hopeful message on Merseyrail’s lost property voicemail, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Best case scenario is that the bag is still happily shuttling back and forth between Southport and Hunts Cross, still sitting in the luggage rack where I stowed it.

Not-so-good case scenario is that someone’s nicked it.

Worst case scenario is that someone thought it was a bomb and had the train and surrounding area evacuated, while the army fetch one of those really cool-looking robots that look like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

I don’t know what’s wrong — lately I feel as though I have a memory like a sieve (or a pipe owned by Thames Water).

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