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18th January 2007

Windy City
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Yeah, that would get services suspended — at one point today almost all of the Merseyrail network was out of action. They’d cleared the trees off the line by the time I went to catch my train, but I still got home 40 minutes late, thanks to a “power surge” which knocked out the signals across the entire Northern Line. The station announcer was keen to emphasise that it was Scottish Power’s fault. Bloody Scottish Power. They’re not owned by Thames Water, perchance?

Apparently the storms are now affecting mainland Europe and Deutsche Bahn has been forced to close down most of its network today. So don’t start whining about British trains being useless and weather-related disruption never happening on the wonderful European railway network. Because if you do, I’ll come round to your house and spank you. Hard. On the buttocks.

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