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5th February 2007

I could be wholesome, I could be loathsome

Last month I suddenly realised that I have two weeks’ worth of paid leave which I haven’t taken, and which I would lose if I didn’t take them by the end of March. So I’m off work this week. It occurred to me this morning that I should have made plans to actually do something. Ho-hum.

Myself and several hundred fellow shoppers were unceremoniously chucked out of St John’s Shopping Centre on Sunday afternoon after the electricity was cut off. As I left I could hear the lift alarm bell being frantically rung by some poor sod trapped inside. I walked past again about an hour later and saw various confused pensioners milling around outside, trying to push the locked doors open, the fools. I think the one thing that could turn people ugly is being deprived of shopping for an extended period. Even at Christmas time they don’t dare close up for more than one day. There’d be riots otherwise, like in the 1970s.

My current computer is old and broken. Should I get a Mac Mini, and become, like all Mac users, a smug, self-satisfied tosser (become?), or should I get a new PC and tolerate the OK but not particularly exciting Windows Vista? It’s a serious question — I like what I’ve seen of Mac OS X, but it’s a big leap to make. I was a user of a minority platform once before — often, it’s not much fun.

The postman came this morning. Then he went out on his delivery round and brought me a package from, enclosing a CD of Life in Cartoon Motion, which I’ve been listening to all afternoon, and it’s great, no matter what anyone else says. So there.

Ooh, there’s a policeman outside my house. Oh, wait, it’s just a CSO. Not a proper policeman then. And now he’s gone.

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