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4th September 2003

Oh dear…
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Here’s a conversation (paraphrased) that I just heard on the radio:-

Caller: “I’m complaining because Sky charge me four pounds to send me an invoice, and the Post Office charge me two pounds each to pay my bills over the counter. All because I don’t have a bank account.”

Pete Price: “So why don’t you get a bank account?”

Caller: “It’s not worth it.”

Am I the only one who screams inwardly when I hear things like this? Why do people go out of their way to make things difficult for themselves? Like the mother who struggles up an escalator with a baby in a pram when there’s a perfectly good lift nearby, or the bloke I saw once buying a train ticket from Liverpool to Wigan… via Southport, taking him at least 20 miles out of his way.

People are stupid. Someone tell me I’m wrong.

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