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5th April 2007

It’s just a bunch of stuff that happened

My senile dementia moment of the week came as I was tweaking this blog post, adding a little bit here and editing for clarity there… when all of a sudden I realised I was absent-mindedly chewing a lump of BluTack. But enough of that! Here are some events that took place:

Doctor Who wasn’t shit after all! Hurray!

My small contribution to the Oh-God-RISC-OS-is-finished bandwagon was linked from The Icon Bar. Wish it was about something a bit more cheerful, but never mind — fame at last! This is up there with the time Acorn User put NetReact on their cover disc!

Other people have been posting computer-related rants too: The Register has a fine essay on one person’s Dell-related woes. The article worried me because I have exactly the same problem as the author with the vibrating disc drive. A quick slap on the top of the case usually stops it temporarily, but you’re not supposed to do that to a machine containing lots of sensitive hardware, surely?

Meanwhile, a deluge of comment spam has descended on the blog over the weekend, all of which has thankfully been caught by Akismet before it reaches your innocent young eyes. Nevertheless, lucky old me gets to sift through the spam bin and delete links to “Aggregator of ass sites” and various other delights.

Then on Tuesday I bumped into former school-type person Julian Shepherd outside Liverpool Central station. Which was nice, if brief.

While I’m on the subject of school, I’ll link this, for the benefit of people who didn’t see Jay’s comment. It’s quite scarily awful, yet somehow compelling to watch.

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