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22nd December 2007

Video killed the radio star
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That’ll be me on the right, then. I was all done Christmas shopping until yesterday, when I spied an irrestible new gadget: a rather nice Sony Camcorder, selling at about 60 quid off the RRP. Of course, in my haste to purchase this item I neglected to note the various other items I would need, which include but are not limited to: tapes, a spare battery, a FireWire cable to link the camera to the computer, and a FireWire card for the computer itself. All of which will probably add an extra 100 quid to the price by the time I’ve bought them all. Still, I’ve had a bit of a play with it, and it’s a nice bit of kit for the price.

Still, once those other bits arrive and I have a way to actually get video into the computer, I will have the option of videoblogging! Imagine what this blog will be like with sounds and moving pictures to accompany it! Surely this is exactly the sort of thing YouTube has been waiting for! That’s quite a lot of exclamation marks!

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