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7th December 2009

Toys R Bust
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I think this is my favourite Christmas-related news story ever: a kids’ musical toy has been recalled by the manufacturer because concerned parents thinks it sings “paedophile” instead of “jingle bells”.

The Today Programme reported on this important issue this morning and the audio clip is worth listening to, if only for the reaction of John Humphrys.

3rd June 2009

Today’s sequence of events
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  1. Send lots of text messages
  2. Run out of credit
  3. Buy top-up
  4. Receive message from 3 stating: “as a thank you for topping up, you now have 600 free texts”

I really didn’t think that through beforehand.

21st May 2009

Cool as a cucumber with sunglasses
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Keyboard Cat has gone mainstream!

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16th April 2009

A Welcome Change of Pace
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Is there anything creepier than the elderly having sex?

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17th February 2009

America’s Vexed Top Models
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The Saddest Male Models In The World, modelling clothes you won’t find in your local Primark.

2nd February 2009

Snow Patrol
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Finally some proper snow! Hurrah!


27th January 2009

Blind Date
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The Guardian has collected some of the hilarious ads posted in the dating page of the London Review of Books. My favourite:-

OMG! This magazine is the shizz. Seriously, dudes. Awesome! LOL! Classics lecturer (M, 48). Possibly out of his depth with today’s youth. KTHX! Box no. 2680.

23rd December 2008

On the 23rd day of December, the Daily Mail reported to me…
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It’s probably wrong to make light of the impending mass unemployment that is going to descend on our nation (especially as your humble webmaster could end up being part of it), but the modified Christmas song written by staff at a Birkenhead Jobcentre is entertaining enough to be recorded for posterity:-

On the twelfth day at Brunswick,
Gary gave to me
Twelve hunting rifles,
Eleven spotty youths,
Ten fleas a-leaping
Nine screaming babies,
Eight P45s,
Seven recovering alcoholics,
Six DMAs,
Five Direct Payments,
Four Fresh Starts,
Three Crisis Loans,
Two missed evs
And a scally in a hoodie.

27th October 2008

Paris for President!
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Still better qualified for the post than Sarah Palin could ever hope to be.

Hat tip: Popjustice

27th September 2008

Guardian of Forever
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Thanks to a friendly lady who was loitering inside Liverpool Central station last Friday handing out 50% off vouchers, I’ve been buying the Guardian at a substantially discounted rate all week, and have used said newspaper as a handy prop to convince my fellow commuters that I’m an English teacher or social worker.

For yours truly, living in a household where the only source of national news is the Daily Mail, it’s come as something of a revelation: turns out asylum seekers are not all filthy terrorists, the BBC is actually quite good, and gay people are not out to corrupt our children!

The surest sign that we’re in a very different country, however, came today when I opened Guide supplement and found this ad in the Soulmates dating section:-

Disembodied, neo-cortex, afloat inside a tank of nutrient, solution, has ability to see back and forth in time, communicates via a synchronised swim team of dolphins, WLTM sim, 36-42, 44, Ldn.