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Model Railway

6th October 2007

Super model, looks fantastic, finance is atrocious
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Interest has been revived in the model railway, partly because Hornby have seen fit to produce an actual Merseyrail-liveried train in their range. Now, I know what you’re going to say: The doors are wrong (wait, you weren’t going to say that?), but it’s still great to see that M logo in 00 gauge.

I logged on to the Hattons web site last week in order to see if the aforementioned model was in stock yet (intending fully to jump on a bus to Smithdown Road to get it in person from the shop). But lo and behold, there was a special offer on: free delivery if you spend over £150. Naturally, I had to spend the extra £102 in order to avail myself of this offer, which means my credit card is hurting, and I am now in possession of a whole host of railway related paraphernalia. IT MADE PERFECT SENSE TO DO THAT.

On a related topic, I wonder if Hornby would have produced this item

Hornby Model Police Box

…if it weren’t for a certain popular science-fiction series?

12th April 2007

This week, Robert has been…
  • …watching the most excellent Win, Lose or Draw on Challenge and pretending it’s school holidays, circa 1998.
  • …looking at pictures of rusty trains, which made him feel depressed.
  • …listening to the great Ross Noble On… CD which just arrived from Amazon.
  • …relieved to receive his new debit card, days before the old one was due to expire.
  • …celebrating because a model railway featured as a major plot point in tonight’s Neighbours.
  • …pondering why he keeps getting a 404 Not Found error when he tries to post this entry (I think I’ve accidentally triggered some hidden WordPress security feature by trying to include an Amazon referral link).

2nd July 2006

Well that’s just super
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Lots of tiny, tiny little track pins.

All over the bloody floor. 🙁

7th May 2006

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Class 47 loco on the layout

It’s alive!

3rd May 2006

Activity in lieu of a life
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Track pins — 75p.

Underlay — £7

Nailing down several long lengths of track before realising there’s a derailment-causing gap in the rails — priceless.

5th April 2006

Model behaviour
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Oh, hello — what’s this big parcel then?

Parcel of track and accessories

Yes, it’s a job lot of track and accessories from Hattons to start my layout. Hurrah!

Now’s as good a time as any to mention that I’ve been updating and expanding the model railway section of the site. Go and have a look. Unless, of course, you don’t care (that’ll be most of you, then).