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June 2004

3rd June 2004

SuperAdvance Return
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Spent the day in York at the National Railway Museum Railfest. Had a great time, despite ropey weather and huge queues for everything. I’ll try and get some photos up on the site as soon as they’re developed (my digital camera is, erm, "missing").

Best of all, I am now the proud owner of a Virgin Trains sweatshirt, an InterCity coffee mug, and, courtesy of a smiling lady from TransPennine Express, a CD-ROM containing the world’s most boring screensaver.

5th June 2004

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Why do we as a culture persist in using the word "hero" to describe the likes of David Beckham, when we have people like these true heroes?

7th June 2004

Spoiler Alert
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Keen Trek fan I may be, but I must admit to not being overly enthusiastic about the latest installment in the saga, Enterprise. That said, the "Xindi Weapon" arc that has dominated the third season has been skilfully executed and built up to a gripping climax in the season finale which has just been shown on Sky One.

Then in the last 5 minutes, they wrapped up that arc and introduced a completely new storyline: Nazi Aliens.


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10th June 2004

Housekeeping II
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The A-Levels aren’t happening now. I’ve grown increasingly unsure about it over the past month and I don’t think it’s the right choice for me. Also I’ve just been promoted at work which means I will, from the start of August, have a slightly less crap, slightly better paid job. From almost getting sacked to getting promoted in the space of 18 months is no mean feat. :-)

All of which means that I am no longer desparately short of money, so the site is staying where it is and will not be moving to Blogger-based setup (Blogger’s built-in commenting system is, in my opinion, just plain nasty, and one look at Haloscan caused me to break out in a cold sweat).

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12th June 2004

Comedy Central
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One of CNN International’s odder scheduling decisions is to show brilliant US satirical comedy The Daily Show with Jon Stewart slap bang in the middle of their weekend lineup. Things took an even more surreal twist on Friday night when CNN interrupted the show in the middle of a comedy piece to show live footage of Ronald Reagan’s coffin arriving in California.

I have to admit, I kept watching the coverage for a few minutes, thinking that they’d cut back to Stewart in the studio doing a comedy double take. Now that would have been excellent.

14th June 2004

Fair and Balanced
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Ofcom (regulating standards in American television because someone has to) declares that a Fox News segment about BBC "lying" was itself making "false statements by undermining the facts".

You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?

16th June 2004

Fear, meet Uncertainty… and you’ve already been introduced to Doubt
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Well this is exactly what the RISC OS market needs right now. Mind you, having two competing operating systems in a market with a tiny number of users was never the brightest of ideas in the first place.

19th June 2004

Memo to Watercooler Gossipers
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For what it’s worth, the correct way to complete this sentence:

The fight on Big Brother was ________

…is not with words like "great" or "brilliant". If this were any sort of civilised country, that would go without saying, but judging by the level of gossip in the office over the last few days, it’s not a civilised country any more.

Sorry to go all Daily Mail on people, but BB really is the most reprehensible, morally bankrupt thing on TV. I hope the police investigation results in prosecutions against all the Channel 4 executives involved in putting this vile show on the air.

Big Brother is on in primetime. Futurama is shown at 2am. That’s all you need to know about Channel 4.

21st June 2004

Thank you Bob Crow
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Thanks a lot.

23rd June 2004

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Warning team! Complete temporal disruption approaching: time is now the enemy. Oh dear… temporal disruption complete.

I could happily watch Knightmare forever.

24th June 2004

Goodnight Seattle
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Final episode of Frasier last night then, shown immediately after B*g B*****r, as if to emphasise the quality. A dignified exit, I thought, even if it did fall into the old US sitcom trap of ridiculous sentimentality towards the end.

I think Frasier will stand the test of time much better than that other recently-ended American sitcom. Friends, with its reliance on 90s pop culture and "cool" dialogue (like… you know, whatever), will be irrelevant within 10 years. Whereas Frasier never tried to be cool, just funny, and was all the better for it.

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Well that’s all right then.

Never come between me and my trains.

30th June 2004

And what have we got for tonight?
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I was in the Albert Dock complex this lunchtime, and something was different. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but looking out into the dock basin, it hit me…

Fred’s weather map is gone!!!

I remember when This Morning upped sticks and moved to London, there was a huge campaign in the local press. Not to keep Richard & Judy, oh no, we weren’t bothered about that — they just wanted to keep Fred. After all, what would ITV daytime be without a slightly weird middle-aged man leaping about a giant floating map with models of Tower Bridge and Stonehenge on it, watched by an appreciative crowd of spectators who cheered when Mr Talbot successfully made the hazardous Scotland-to-Ireland jump.

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