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March 2005

23rd March 2005

I practice kissing on my labrador
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Well, I’m back. “Real life” interfered with things for a while there, but regular bloggage (is that a word?) will resume as of now.

So what’s been going on over the last few weeks then? Well…

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25th March 2005

Creamy Muck Muck
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Creamguide highlights a programme which Seb should be very interested in:-



19.00 Lashings of Fun: the Story of Ask The Family

Dick and Dom's first outing into primetime is enjoying almost Who
levels of hype, and rightly so. It should all get under way next
week, and although it looks to be completely different to the
original, this documentary is going to reminisce just for the hell
of it. Bizarrely, the final 25 minutes of the programme are devoted
to an episode from 1983 shown in its entirity! Repeats of twenty
year old quizzes on peak time BBC2! Of course, this absolutely
demands to be watched, especially as it's seemingly not going to
mention the Titchmarsh version from 1999.

The Long Good Friday
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From a conversation between me and mum today:-

But why is it OK to eat fish if it's not OK to eat beef or pork or other meat? Isn't fish really just another type of meat? Is it because they're in the water? What if cows could swim? Would it be OK to eat cows then? Would it? You know, this “no meat on Good Friday” rule looks like some silly arbitrary restriction made up for no reason, and I'm sure Christianity doesn’t want any of those.

I’m not the easiest of people to live with.

26th March 2005

Shall I Prepare the Guest Room for Mr Cockup?
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God bless the inept BBC technician who successfully inserted the sound from the Strictly Dance Fever studio over the opening minutes of Doctor Who tonight, thus ‘proving’ to Whovians worldwide that Michael Grade hates the Doctor, or something.

Mind you, the average Trekkie would already have prepared a death threat to send to Graham Norton.

(episode was quite good, too)

28th March 2005

Booked Up
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Waterstone's is probably my favourite shop to spend an hour or so browsing in. OK, it's a shop, but it contains books, and you can tell a lot about a culture by the literature it produces. This means Waterstone's is more than just a place to get a Costa Coffee and excellent discounts on titles seen on Richard and Judy's Book Club — all human life is here.
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29th March 2005

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Not the best choice of words in today's Daily Mail:-

Judge's ruling on five boys a huge blow for Jacko