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July 2008

4th July 2008

Cat Scan
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In honour of American Independence Day, and in lieu of anything else to post, here is my cat, Max, and his latest victim:-

Max catches a mouse

Before you complain, remember The Lion King — it’s all part of the circle of life. Elton John said so!

10th July 2008

There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality
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I just bought a manbag! 🙂

11th July 2008

Sure is fun to scratch! Mmm! Satisfying!
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Horrifying photo of the day, courtesy of yesterday’s Metro.

12th July 2008

PC Plod
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Merseyside Police have plastered Liverpool Central station with posters. There are several different designs, but the common theme running through them is: “watch your wallet/car/other treasured personal possessions while you’re visiting Liverpool”.

That’s really going to help tear down stereotypes. Well done to all concerned!

13th July 2008

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Thousands of people using London’s public transport network may find their electronic Oyster card no longer works after a fault hit the system.[BBC]

This is why I’m glad Merseytravel haven’t introduced smartcards yet. All I have to worry about with a Saveaway is sticking the plastic cover down without leaving a little lump in it. God bless you, oh lottery-scratchcard-like travel pass!

14th July 2008

Goodie, not Hoodie
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10 Reasons to Cheer Our Teenagers by the BBC’s Mark Easton — think of this article as an antidote to the Daily Mail.

A lot of people seem to automatically equate “young” with “yob”, which is an incredibly stupid generalisation and one which risks further alienation of teens in our society. Yes, gangs and knives are a problem in some parts, but let’s not punish all teenagers for the actions (however awful) of a minority.

18th July 2008

Friends Disenchanted
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I’ve logged on to Friends Reunited for the first time in about two years. It’s really hard to believe that this web site was a genuine phenomenon back in 2001. Despite a recent-ish revamp, the whole place has an air of dereliction about it, as everyone has decamped en masse to Bebo et al.

And yet, I still feel compelled to update my profile, on the off-chance that someone is reading it. Ho-hum.

22nd July 2008

Ship Shape
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The Tall Ships – and what a fabulous time it was!

Spent quite a bit of time queueing at both Albert and Wellington Docks, but well worth the wait. Shame I missed the Parade of Sail itself, but I was there in spirit, following the ships on the AIS Liverpool site.

It was really fantastic to see so many visitors from around the country and abroad, enjoying the best that Liverpool has to offer!

Kudos also to Merseyrail who handled the thousands of extra passengers (due to the Open Golf happening simultaneously) with skill.

Hurray for Liverpool! 🙂

25th July 2008

Smoking Polls
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It’s all going terribly wrong for Gordon Brown.

I loved this quote in another article:

Senior cabinet minister Des Browne admitted the result was “a bad night” for Labour, but he insisted Gordon Brown was the right man to reverse the party’s fortunes.

Surely Brown has reversed the party’s fortunes once already?