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February 2009

1st February 2009

To the people in front of me at South Parkway ticket office
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It’s nice that you’re availing yourself of Merseyrail’s shiny new ticket office computer system which can easily book tickets and reserve seats for any journey on the National Rail network.

But really, I needed an Off-Peak Return to Widnes and my train was due in 5 minutes. Why did you have to hold up the queue by enquiring about Advance tickets to Gunnersbury(!) at that specific time on Sunday morning?

2nd February 2009

Snow Patrol
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Finally some proper snow! Hurrah!


4th February 2009

Yellow (not in) Peril
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Remember that statue that everyone in Liverpool hated, until they decided they actually loved it?

Well, we’re getting a new one — and it’s ours forever!

5th February 2009

Stuck in a lift with Stephen Fry
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Another link to clog up the sidebar — my new Twitter thing! If you thought my blog contained nothing but inconsequential nonsense, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Follow me now to read about the joys of falling asleep during Neighbours or confusion at filling in a bank paying-in slip. Yes, really.

So, that’s yet another thing I have to remember to update. I promise I will try not to become one of those annoying people who copies their Tweets to their blog and gives up on doing actual, proper blog posts. Even though I’m very lazy.

13th February 2009

I should be Minister of Transport
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Hm, the Super Express train looks nice, but some of them will be diesel powered, and I can’t help but feel that, in this era of carbon footprints and whatnot, trains powered by diesel are yesterday’s technology.

What the powers-that-be should have done is start electrifying the remaining diesel-operated routes, and build a fleet of all-electric trains. As a stopgap, a small pool of diesel locomotives should be available to tow the trains over non-electrified routes (as happens with West Coast Pendolinos during engineering diversions).

If anyone from the Department for Transport is reading this, my consultancy fee is 25% of… something.

14th February 2009

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I’m a bit late posting this, but never mind. Useless government minister Hazel Blears made the mistake of slagging off Guardian columnist George Monbiot — prompting this frankly quite wonderful response:-

You remained silent while the government endorsed the kidnap and the torture of innocent people; blocked a ceasefire in Lebanon and backed a dictator in Uzbekistan who boils his prisoners to death. You voiced no public concern while it instructed the Serious Fraud Office to drop the corruption case against BAE, announced a policy of pre-emptive nuclear war, signed a one-sided extradition treaty with the United States and left our citizens to languish in Guantánamo Bay. You remained loyal while it oversaw the stealthy privatisation of our public services and the collapse of Britain’s social housing programme, closed hundreds of post offices and shifted taxation from the rich to the poor. What exactly do you stand for Hazel, except election?

Go and read the rest of it.

17th February 2009

America’s Vexed Top Models
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The Saddest Male Models In The World, modelling clothes you won’t find in your local Primark.

19th February 2009

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As I emerged from Odeon’s new 500-screen (approximately) multiplex at Liverpool One the other night, I pondered how small cinemas like the one in Allerton manage to survive.

Well, now I’ve got my answer: they don’t. 🙁

23rd February 2009

Beautiful, wonderful creatures of value
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Milk is on my big list headed “Films I wanted to see but missed while they were on at my local cinema so now I need to wait for the DVD” (as you can imagine, the font size of the heading is quite small).

Here’s the Oscar acceptance speech made by Milk‘s writer Dustin Lance Black, 1 minute and 38 seconds of wonderful eloquence:

Kudos also to ITV Granada, who, managed to dedicate a significant section of Granada Reports to the Oscars, simply because Danny Boyle is from Radcliffe. Much better than covering any actual local news!

24th February 2009

People, people who need Beautiful People
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Just found out, a fortnight after everyone else, that Beautiful People has been recommissioned.

This is fabulous news, not just because the first series was one of my televisual highlights of 2008, but also because it gives me a flimsy excuse to embed this joyous YouTube video again:-

28th February 2009

Is this BBC2 or BBC3?
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This week’s Horizon is being promoted with a picture of a man being shaved from the neck down.

Apparently it’s all about our attitudes to nudity and why evolution resulted in us no longer having hairy bodies, but we’re also promised a group of volunteers spending the weekend in a house naked, “to challenge attitudes to the naked human form.”

I’m incredibly insecure about my own body (I’d wear clothes in the shower if it were practical), but other people’s nudity is always funny to watch, so of course I’ll be tuning in.