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7th November 2012

Barack O’Drama
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Barack ObamaCongratulations to President Obama, who won a well-deserved victory. It was a close vote in the US, but we can collectively breath a sigh of relief that this intelligent, level-headed, moderately liberal man has been given another four years, and the chance to finish what he started.

Although Obama’s victory is great news generally, it is especially welcome for marriage equality campaigners in the US. The President declared his support for gay marriage back in May, and some commentators were worried that this would damage his chances. In fact, the opposite his true: Obama has been re-elected while his opponent – who made “traditional marriage” a cornerstone of his campaign – has lost.

Elsewhere, four states held referenda on same-sex marriage legislation. For the first time, the electorate voted pro-gay in all four votes. The talking point that marriage equality is not wanted by the public has been demolished, and I suspect that the President’s endorsement has maybe helped change a few peoples’ minds, or nudge undecided voters in the right direction.

I remember waking up on a cold morning in November 2008 and hearing Obama’s victory speech on the radio. I don’t mind admitting I teared up a little bit. I didn’t feel the same euphoria this time around, but the speech he made in the early hours of this morning is definitely worth a watch. Obama is gracious and articulate with a dash of soaring rhetoric – we desperately need a figurehead like this on this side of the Atlantic.

Much as I like Ed Miliband, I can’t imagine him delivering a speech like this.

6th November 2012

I’m Robert Hampton and I approve this message

Mitt Romney once asked why aeroplanes don’t have opening windows. He once strapped his dog to a car roof for before a 12-hour drive. His gaffe-laden visit to London made Boris Johnson look statesmanlike by comparison.

Don’t let him anywhere near the White House, unless it’s on a guided tour. If you’re American, do the right thing today and vote for the competent incumbent instead.

4th November 2008

Dear America
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You have a big chance to make history and, at a stroke, make up for 8 years of chaos and blundering on the world stage. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I expect Barack Obama to be President-Elect, otherwise I’ll be… really quite upset. Thank you.

27th October 2008

Paris for President!
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Still better qualified for the post than Sarah Palin could ever hope to be.

Hat tip: Popjustice

27th June 2008

Other forms of sea transport are available
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Good to see Google still has a sense of humour.

(via Andrew Sullivan).