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19th April 2010

Pushing the Vote Out
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Boundary changes at this election have moved me from the old Garston constituency and placed me on the edge of Liverpool Riverside. It is a safe Labour seat which has, unfortunately, become notorious for its low turnout at successive elections.

Radio 4’s Sunday morning magazine Broadcasting House sent a reporter to Liverpool, accompanied by Jo Philips (author of Why Vote?), to try and find out why people here are so uninterested. You can listen on the iPlayer for the next 6 days (the relevant section begins at 0:17:42).

I acknowledge the problems in parts of the constituency, but it’s depressing that a city supposedly famous for its outspokenness and political campaigning is so apathetic when it comes to politics.

21st June 2009

Meanwhile, in a country far, far away…
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The courage and determination of the Iranian protesters continues to amaze me. To continue battling on against repressive forces like this, in the face of an increasingly violent situation, shows remarkable tenacity. History could be made over the next few days.

If something similar were to happen in the UK, would we stand up as a nation and fight the tyranny, or would most people just sit back and accept it? I worry that it would be the latter.

2nd May 2008

I’d think of a clever title relating to apathy, but I can’t be bothered

Amidst the news that Labour were pushed into 3rd place in yesterday’s elections, another depressing statistic emerged: that Liverpool Central ward had the lowest turnout in the country, with less than 12% of people voting.

This is a city whose local paper’s letters page is routinely filled with people whinging about roadworks, litter collection, derelict buildings, regeneration, crime, public transport — all of which are the responsibility of the city council to a greater or lesser extent. So when they have an opportunity to do anything about it, do they take advantage? No.

Anyway, in honour of the man who could be the next Mayor of London, here’s some classic Boris.