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25th July 2012

In Thy Image
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During my lunch break I usually leave my office and go for a stroll through Liverpool’s throbbing retail heart. Over the past year or so, my sojourns have been disturbed increasingly frequently by small groups of religious campaigners who set up camp at various points in town.

Aided by some A5 flyers, a microphone and a battery-powered amplifier, they deliver their familiar spiel: they have found eternal salvation, hear the Good News, accept Jesus into your heart, for Judgement Day is coming soon and the sinners will be cast into Hell for all eternity.

Occasionally I see firebrand left-wing student types hurling a few choice insults their way, but for the most part the shoppers ignore them and hurry into Primark (now with extended Sunday opening hours).

Me, I just chuckle quietly to myself and carry on, because I think that the only thing the preachers are achieving is damaging the image of Christianity.

I know there are plenty of Christians out there who adopt a less judgmental approach and follow the whole “forgiveness and love” doctrine that’s in the Bible. However, in the UK only 15% of the population go to church regularly. For the other 85%, the angry old man yelling at passers-by could be their only exposure to Christianity.

The moderate Christians should take back the debate. If the “fire and brimstone” Christians are allowed to dominate, the Church is doomed.

(I’m an atheist, so I’m not that bothered. Just thought I’d put it out there)