Robert Hampton

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10th October 2007

Bloody Vikings!

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people who think I’ve been spamming them, and are understandably slightly annoyed at this. The messages are… impolite.

Now, if eBay would just hurry up and close my account, like I asked them to, I wouldn’t be having this problem, and we could get on with our lives.

9th October 2007

Asterisks that gall

I’ve not been having much luck with passwords recently.

My workplace has instigated a new policy where we have to change our password once a month — and we are not allowed to use the same password again. So, on Monday morning, I dutifully changed my password when requested — and promptly forgot it, requiring me to sheepishly slink upstairs to our IT man and request that he reset it for me.

Tonight I arrived home to find a whole plethora of messages from confused and angry eBay users, demanding explanations for the confusing and anger-inducing messages I sent them. Yes, my eBay account has been compromised. Super! 🙁