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1st March 2010

Eyes on the Prize
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Last week the office I “work” for held a guess the number of sweets in the jar competition. 50p to enter, all proceeds to Haiti (I think it was).

I guessed 225 and thought no more of it until today, when I discovered that not only had I won the prize, but that my guess was EXACTLY right. What are the odds?

OK, it’s a tiny victory in the grand scheme of things, but I enjoyed my moment in the sun:

21st May 2008

I feel good!
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Someone at work told me they think I am “doughy”.

Well, thanks a lot. That does wonders for my self-esteem. Wonderful. 🙁

17th October 2007

Every Cloud
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Every afternoon since Friday I’ve been despatched to Birkenhead to offload my work’s outgoing mail on the unsuspecting postmen of Wirral.

This is quite good because it’s an additional train journey each day for me, and the ticket is being paid for by someone else, which adds to the sparkle. Never has the clank of a “franked mail only” post box sounded so good.

Anyway, still waiting for those things from, so back to work, posties! Off you go now!

9th October 2007

Asterisks that gall

I’ve not been having much luck with passwords recently.

My workplace has instigated a new policy where we have to change our password once a month — and we are not allowed to use the same password again. So, on Monday morning, I dutifully changed my password when requested — and promptly forgot it, requiring me to sheepishly slink upstairs to our IT man and request that he reset it for me.

Tonight I arrived home to find a whole plethora of messages from confused and angry eBay users, demanding explanations for the confusing and anger-inducing messages I sent them. Yes, my eBay account has been compromised. Super! 🙁

14th September 2007

Whose Whine is it Anyway?
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Network Rail have closed the line between Sandhills and Liverpool Central for engineering work from today until Sunday, and Merseyrail have contracted those nice people at Arriva to provide buses instead.

However, the buses are not stopping outside Central station, presumably because of all the road works in the area and the ensuing traffic congestion. Instead, they’re dropping off on Lime Street, outside St George’s Hall.

This did not impress a co-worker who complained bitterly at the extra walk to the office. “It’s miles away!” she protested, “I had to get a taxi.”

The office monkeys who had gathered around were rather taken aback by this. General consensus was that it was certainly not miles. I helpfully called up which gave the distance as less than 0.5 miles. I pointed this out, adding that I myself had walked from Lime Street to Central many times.

“Have you ever walked it in 4-inch high heels?” she asked.
I pondered this question.
“As a matter of fact –” I began, before thinking better of it.

Seriously, when an able-bodied person is put off by a walk of less than half a mile, the world is in trouble. Would we have won two world wars with that attitude?

27th July 2006

Go East, Young Man
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Our office in Liverpool City Centre backs on to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. About half an hour ago they started cooking for the lunchtime rush and the delicious smells of various Oriental delicacies are wafting up through the open window.

In addition to being miserable, I now feel absolutely starving. 🙁

25th July 2006

To the company I work for
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And again.

12th July 2006

To the company I work for
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I refer you to my earlier post on the matter.

26th May 2006

To the company I work for
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Please fuck off.

That is all.

10th April 2006

Work-related stress
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Employee relations award of the month goes to the company I work for, who’ve just announced that nobody in the firm is getting a pay rise this year.

To soften the blow, they announced it in an unsigned memo circulated around the office, at a time when most of the senior management are away on holiday.

Lovely. 😐

I’m going to make some personal phone calls and make unauthorised use of the Internet.