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14th September 2007

Whose Whine is it Anyway?
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Network Rail have closed the line between Sandhills and Liverpool Central for engineering work from today until Sunday, and Merseyrail have contracted those nice people at Arriva to provide buses instead.

However, the buses are not stopping outside Central station, presumably because of all the road works in the area and the ensuing traffic congestion. Instead, they’re dropping off on Lime Street, outside St George’s Hall.

This did not impress a co-worker who complained bitterly at the extra walk to the office. “It’s miles away!” she protested, “I had to get a taxi.”

The office monkeys who had gathered around were rather taken aback by this. General consensus was that it was certainly not miles. I helpfully called up which gave the distance as less than 0.5 miles. I pointed this out, adding that I myself had walked from Lime Street to Central many times.

“Have you ever walked it in 4-inch high heels?” she asked.
I pondered this question.
“As a matter of fact –” I began, before thinking better of it.

Seriously, when an able-bodied person is put off by a walk of less than half a mile, the world is in trouble. Would we have won two world wars with that attitude?

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