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24th December 2014

Value of Nothing

David Cameron has given a Christmas message:-

At this important time of year for the Christian faith I send my best wishes to everyone in the UK and around the world celebrating Christmas.

Among the joyous celebrations we will reflect on those very Christian values of giving, sharing and taking care of others. This Christmas I think we can be very proud as a country at how we honour these values through helping those in need at home and around the world.

Politicians banging on about religion almost always sounds like cynical pandering. It’s especially so when it’s David Cameron – leader of a government which has pushed many families into poverty. 90,000 children will wake up homeless on Christmas morning. Shelter reports that the number of homeless families living in B&Bs has trebled this year.

So merry Christmas, Mr Cameron. I will wait until May 2015 for the top present on my wish list – your exit from Nunmber 10.

17th June 2011

AKTing Up
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The Albert Kennedy Trust is a charity which helps LGBT youth who have been left homeless or suffered domestic violence after coming out to their families. If you hadn’t heard of them before now, don’t worry – neither had I.

This should raise the charity’s profile, however: it’s a new advert featuring gay celebrities, showing how their lives could have turned out without the support they were lucky enough to have.

It’s powerful stuff, and it certainly couldn’t hurt to send a few quid AKT’s way.