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15th January 2011

Palin into insignificance

The terrible events in Tucson, Arizona last week saw many people leaping to accuse right-wing politicians and pundits of whipping up violence. Sarah Palin attempted to rebut the accusations in an online video which was remarkably tone deaf, even before she used the phrase “blood libel” to describe the attacks on her. Luckily, some enterprising soul edited out all the offensive parts and uploaded it to YouTube:-

Go and read Media Matters web site about the misinformation spread by right wing pundits, not just on blogs and Fox News, but throughout all media. This is the sort of stuff that is coming our way if Murdoch et al get their way and politically-biased news broadcasts are permitted. Be afraid…

27th October 2008

Paris for President!
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Still better qualified for the post than Sarah Palin could ever hope to be.

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