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15th April 2008

Digital Versatile Discussion
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My old DVD player is kaput (the strange man in the shop was right after all). It will still just about play a disc, but is extremely temperamental about recognising them, refusing to acknowledge that a disc is inserted unless you eject and re-insert it several times (sounds like… oh, that’s too obvious a joke even for me).

Anyway, seeing that Currys had super-cheap models in stock for less than 20 quid, I reserved one on their web site, intending to go into the shop and pick one up today during my lunch hour.

I went in and gave the reservation code to the guy on the till (“You were served today by ADAM”) who, after much pressing of buttons, discovered that the item I had “reserved” wasn’t actually in stock. Sigh.

The good news is I walked out of the shop with an even cheaper DVD player (£16.99!). The bad news is that its the ugliest electrical appliance I’ve ever seen.