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13th January 2004

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It’s not often that the Daily Mail makes me choke on my toast in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, there’s ignorant claptrap in there every day, but I suppose I’m accustomed to it by now.

However, today’s leader article makes the astonishing assertion that "speeding is considered by many to be a victimless crime"

Victimless? Tell that to the families of people who’ve been knocked over and killed, who might have survived had Mr Volvo been in slightly less of a hurry to get home.

There was a three page article about the speed camera outrage today, but the attitude can be summarised in one sentence: "motorists should be above the law". Pathetic.

2 Responses
  1. Comment by James Robinson
    14th January 2004 at 10:51 pm

    Thats far too much of a generalisation for you to even be allowed to comment on the speed that a driver does.

    Within Swansea, I’m allowed to kill people doing 20mph in my very narrow street, where I personally would consider 20mph too fast! Yet on a nearby dual carraigeway, one of the mail arteries into Swansea, I still have to obide by the same limit on a fast dual carriageway!

    Your idea of Mr Volvo in a hurry to get home is in the extreme a very narrow minded, given the motorists on the road today. Its total crap that is reported that motorists should be above the law, but you will find thats a small minority of those so called ‘motorists’ that have given a need for cameras and other type of revenue-raising equipment to penalise those drivers who drive sensibly but have the occasional need to *technically* break the law, such as having to go through a red light that has only just changed, but if you were to stop you would be presenting a danger to motorists behind you. The Highway code aknowledges this, but according to those cameras, your breaking the law regardless…. well can’t be bothered to carry on, but if you were a driver yourself you would understand, as it appears your not, you should really shouldn’t be commenting because you can only support one side of the argument, you can’t talk for both sides as I can (tend to walk a lot, but I use my car quite a bit as well). Anyway, you know my email address if you want to reply….

  2. Comment by Michael Araujo
    15th January 2004 at 4:24 am

    The only time I pay strict attention to what I am doing while in a vehicle is when I am speeding. I have never been involved in an accident while speeding. However, I’ve been involved in several while moseying along with the rest of the motorized sheep. Go figure.