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23rd May 2004

Insert Quote from Movie Here
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Just got back from seeing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which got me thinking, "why did Jim Carrey waste all that time in all those other movies pulling funny faces?"

If you haven’t seen it, you should — it’s like one of those mindwarp episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, except without all the self-conscious "look how clever and original this is" nonsense that usually bogs such plots down.

I decided to see it at the new FACT Centre in Liverpool City Centre. Very nice, full of arty exhibitions and suchlike. And refreshingly scally-free.

It was probably the nice weather outside, but a sum total of three people (me and two others) came to this screening. This did cause me problems: at one point I got an urge to cough, but became incredibly self-conscious — usually when you cough in a cinema, nobody knows where it came from, but with only three people in the whole place it would have been pretty obvious. It felt rude, so I held it in.

Stupid? Probably.

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