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27th May 2004

Rock the Vote (Don’t Rock the Vote, Baby)
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Got my Postal Voting pack yesterday — a large form which has to be filled in, torn off and placed in an envelope, which then has to be placed inside another envelope with the other part of the form. In fact, it’s somewhat reminiscent of sending off an entry for a Reader’s Digest prize draw ("if you’d like the free travel alarm clock, place your entry in envelope C and affix your special claim sticker on form Z").

I’m not entirely convinced by this postal voting lark. Confidence certainly wasn’t inspired when I discovered that a second set of postal voting forms for my parents and I had been sent to our old house, because the new occupants hadn’t bothered to inform the council that we’d moved out. Electoral fraud ahoy!

Also, what happens if I post my vote, and then the next morning there’s a headline across the newspaper, "EURO CANDIDATE IN NAZI SEX SCANDAL"? Can I phone them up and ask for my vote back? I demand to know these things!

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