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17th June 2003

Tidying up exercise
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I’m still here, just about 🙂

FABland fans (all three of you) may be interested to learn that I’m currently in the process of getting the domain back from FreeNetName (who, of course, charge an “admin fee” to transfer the name away from them). Not to actually do anything with it, you understand, just for sentimental reasons.

OK, it’s not that interesting to learn. Sorry, no refunds.

Oh, and the last episode of Knightmare series 4 was on today, which means tomorrow they’ll be repeating series 3, or possibly 4 again, or maybe even moving on to 5.

What am I, an EPG?

Anyway, whatever they do, tomorrow will be the first episode of a series and an excellent chance for you to acquaint yourself with the best damn game show ever. That’s on Challenge, weekdays at 6pm and 1.10am, weekends at 10am and 10pm. Hold up the Eye Shield!

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