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4th May 2006

Whatever floats your vote
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So, Local Election Day then.

I know it’s supposed to be a secret, but I don’t mind telling you that I ended up voting for the Green Party candidate, whose name I’ve forgotten. It was a woman, I think. There was no chance of the Labour or Conservative parties getting my vote, and as for the Lib Dems… well, I do still like them generally, but on a local level, the failure to deliver schemes such as Merseytram can’t go unnoticed.

So yeah, the Green Party. They have some good policies on transport and energy. I’m not sure full nuclear disarmament is a good idea in practice, but I doubt Liverpool City Council have much say in that anyway.

Oh, and remember a couple of weeks ago when I got all excited about my YouGov account approaching the £50 payout threshold? Since then, just one 50p survey. One! I’ve been stuck on £49.25 for the last two weeks!

It’s not fair. I’m going to write to my MP — that always helps!

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