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20th May 2006

Daz Doorstep Challenge
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Over-the-top crazy personalities, technical cockups and awkward, unfunny banter in broken English between hosts. Yes, The Big Breakfast was good for all those things. Unfortunately it’s no longer on the air, so we’ll have to make do with Eurovision instead.

I liked Non-Biological Daz Sampson’s song (bear in mind this endorsement comes from the proud owner of a Fast Food Rockers single) and was disappointed to see it do so poorly. Maybe it’s karmic retribution for that stupid interview in Metro on Friday, where he said (hopefully sarcastically) that he dreamed of being the next Shane Richie.

What the hell people were thinking when they voted for Finland, I don’t know.

I also fervently hope that no-one in the entire world ever has to see the Netherlands announcer (on screen or in person) ever again. The Fathers4Justice protesters should have invaded his show instead of the Lottery.

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